Making a Complaint


The Office of the Worker Adviser (OWA) makes every effort to provide service excellence to our clients. There may be times, however, when injured workers or their survivors wish to complain about OWA services or conduct. We welcome your concerns and will try to resolve them to your satisfaction.

Your complaint may be filed in one of two ways:

  • By submitting the online Complaint Form below, or

  • By downloading a PDF version of the Complaint Form and sending it to our office by fax or mail.

Fax to: 416-325-4830, or

Mail to:

The Director
Office of the Worker Adviser
1300 - 123 Edward Street
Toronto, ON
M5G 1E2

Within 10 business days of the complaint being received:

  • The complaint will be directed to the appropriate manager,

  • The manager will review the complaint and request additional information, if required,

  • The manager will review the complaint with the staff involved,

  • The manager will respond to the person making the complaint in an effort to redress the problem.

Please note, it is important you raise your concerns in a timely fashion; the closer in time that a complaint is made, the more options are available for the situation to be resolved to your satisfaction.


Filing Your Complaint

We welcome your comments as they may provide valuable information on ways we can improve our services to injured workers, but caution that the OWA does not have the power or the mandate to change WSIB or WSIAT decisions.

To submit your complaint online, please complete the following form. You must provide your email address, city and province as these fields are mandatory if you wish a response.