Appeals Forms: Intent to Object vs. Notice of Appeal


To appeal a decision of the WSIB you must complete and send in the proper appeal form.  The form you need to use is different for each level of appeal.

The chart below shows which appeal form to use for the decision you disagree with.


​Decision you disagree with

​Form required

​Send form to

​Time limit

​More information

​WSIB Operating Level

(usually by Case Manager)

Intent to Object Form


Six months or 30 days (see decision letter for details)

WSIB Appeals Services Division

(by Appeals Resolution Officer)

Notice of Appeal Form​​


Six months

Appeals at WSIAT


If you send a completed form to the WSIB or the WSIAT, it is a good idea to send it by fax, courier or registered mail so you have proof that you sent the form within the time limit. You should keep a copy of the completed form, along with the receipt or fax confirmation sheet, in your records.   

You must complete and send in an appeal form for every WSIB decision you want to appeal. 


February 2013


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