Changes to WSIB Appeals System


The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has made important changes to its appeal forms and appeal process. The changes took effect on February 1, 2013.

To appeal a decision of the WSIB, workers must now submit an Intent to Object Form. Workers should read the Worker Instruction Sheet before filling out the form. Both the Intent to Object Form and the Worker Instruction Sheet are available from the WSIB’s website or by calling the WSIB.

If it is submitted in time, the Intent to Object Form will meet the time limit for appealing a decision of the WSIB. The time limit for appealing a WSIB decision is 30 days for decisions about return to work or labour market re-entry (now called work reintegration or work transition) and six months for all other decisions.

When workers are ready to go ahead with their appeal, they must now submit an Appeal Readiness Form. This form will be provided by the WSIB after the Intent to Object Form has been sent in.

In the Appeal Readiness Form, workers must say if they want their appeal decided in writing or by an oral hearing. Workers who request an oral hearing must provide reasons why. The WSIB will not always hold an oral hearing, even if the worker or employer has asked for one.

More information about the changes to the WSIB appeals process may be found on the WSIB’s website.

January 25, 2013