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Workplace insurance issues

Toll-free (English): 1-800-435-8980
Toll-free (French): 1-800-661-6365
TTY: 1-866-445-3092

Health and safety reprisal issues

Toll-free: 1-855-659-7744
Tel: (416) 212-5335
Fax: (647) 723-2089


The Office of the Worker Adviser has fifteen offices, located throughout Ontario. The head office is located in downtown Toronto.

Feedback form

We welcome your comments as they may provide valuable information on ways we can improve our services to injured workers, but caution that the OWA does not have the power or the mandate to change WSIB or WSIAT decisions.

Important information

The internet is not private.  Please do not send any confidential information via the OWA’s website because no information you send to us can be held in confidence.

Contacting us via our website will not make us your representative and does not mean we are assisting you, advising you, or providing you with representation in regards to your legal matter.   

If you would like the OWA to represent you regarding a WSIB matter, please call the OWA regional/district office closest to your home address.  For assistance with a reprisal matter, please call our health and safety reprisal line.

Collection of information

The personal information you provide to us is necessary to provide the service you are requesting and will only be used for that purpose. It is collected in compliance with section 38(2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Personal Privacy Act. You will not be placed on mailing lists, nor will your information be released to any third party, except as may be authorized by law. If you have any questions please contact the Toronto office and ask to speak with the Privacy Coordinator.

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