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FAIR Partnership

​What is the FAIR partnership? 

The Fatalities and Immediate Response (FAIR) Partnership is a joint partnership between the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), Ministry of Labour (MOL), Threads of Life, and the Office of the Worker Adviser (OWA).  Its goals are to provide timely and comprehensive assistance to:

  • Families and survivors following a traumatic workplace fatality, and
  • Workers and their families following a catastrophic workplace injury resulting in severe and permanent life altering physical impairment (catastrophically injured workers).

What services can the OWA provide? 

For the purpose of the FAIR Partnership, the OWA will provide the following services to families, survivors and to workers who have suffered a catastrophic injury: 

  • information, advice and representation in workplace insurance / workers’ compensation matters
  • general information and appropriate referrals regarding health and safety prosecutions, inquests, and accessing information through the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)
  • appropriate referrals to WSIB, MOL, Threads of Life, and other community resources
  • referral to a lawyer where there is a possible third party civil action or other legal matters related to the traumatic fatality or catastrophic workplace injury. 

Who can I contact at the OWA? 

The OWA contact person for the FAIR Partnership is Margaret Townsend, Manager at 519-873-4497. 

For information about survivors’ benefits, see Survivors’ Benefits and Calculating Survivors Benefits.

Important Information

This publication contains general information only. It is not legal advice about a particular situation and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified representative. This publication was last updated on the revision date listed below.

September 7, 2018