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Treatment by Chiropractors

​Does the workplace safety and insurance board pay for chiropractic treatment?

Yes, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) pays for chiropractic treatment, but there are strict guidelines for the type and length of such treatment.

Initial choice of health care professional

The first health care provider who treats your work-related injury (aside from emergency room or clinic treatment) is considered your “initial choice of health care provider.” Your initial health care provider can be either:

  • a chiropractor
  • a medical doctor
  • a physiotherapist, or
  • a registered nurse (extended class)

Once you have made your choice of health care provider, youcannot change it without the permission of WSIB. A referral from one medical doctor to another in a different speciality is not considered a change in health care provider.

You may seek treatment from a different type of health care provider so long as you notify both your initial health care provider and WSIB. For example, if your initial choice was to go to your family doctor for treatment, and you later decide to see a chiropractor, you may do so as long as you tell both your doctor and WSIB. Your doctor remains in charge of your treatment.

When does WSIB pay for chiropractic treatment?

  • WSIB will only pay for treatment for a work-related injury.
  • WSIB will only pay the chiropractor the amount set out on its fee schedule for chiropractors. The fee schedule is located on the WSIB website.
  • If your initial choice of health care provider is a chiropractor, WSIB will pay for it.
  • If your initial choice of health care provider is a medical doctor, you must tell both your doctor and WSIB that you are seeking treatment from a chiropractor.
  • You must visit a chiropractor that treats clients with workplace insurance claims, as some chiropractors do not.
  • Your chiropractor must send regular reports to WSIB, usually every two weeks.

How long does WSIB pay for a chiropractor?

Chiropractic treatments are usually allowed for the first twelve weeks after an injury. WSIB health care staff will decide how long the treatments should last beyond the twelve-week period.

If your chiropractor believes you need more than twelve weeks of treatment, your chiropractor should request WSIB approval for additional treatmentat least 4 weeks before your treatment is scheduled to end. In the letter to WSIB, your chiropractor should describe how the treatment has improved your condition and explain why additional treatment is necessary.

What if WSIB decides not to pay for chiropractic treatment?

  • You can appeal a decision to deny chiropractic treatment within six monthsof the date of the WSIB decision.
  • Your doctor should write to WSIB explaining why you need chiropractic treatment.
  • Because appeals involving chiropractic treatment are usually quite straightforward, you may wish to pursue them on you own. You should collect and submit the information suggested above to WSIB. Please see Appeals at the WSIB for guidance.

Important Information

This publication contains general information only. It is not legal advice about a particular situation and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified representative. This publication was last updated on the revision date listed below.

August 7, 2011